Junior Tennis Academy

Sandy Springs Tennis Center

Junior Tennis Academy

Tennis Academy of the South, in residence at Sandy Springs Tennis Center, is the premiere tennis training program in the South. TAS has produced 13 NCAA All-Americans, 5 NCAA national champions, and 2 junior national champions. TAS at SSTC is a full service training academy with the staff and resources to allow any player to reach the level of excellence they desire: high school team, advanced junior competition, collegiate tennis, or the pro circuit.

  · Develop each student to their full potential in the game of tennis
  · Meet tennis oriented physical, mental and emotional needs in one inclusive program
  · Use tennis training to develop important life skills such as time management, goal setting, delayed gratification and handling adversity

Questions or Trouble Registering?
Email our Registrar – Liz Murphy

For evaluation of your junior, call (404) 668-7623.