TAS Academy

Sandy Springs Racquet Center

Designed for tournament level players making a commitment to intensive year round training focusing on player development and competition. TAS has developed a congruent teaching method with set skill progressions for entry level tournament training through professional level training. TAS staff use repetitive drilling to make shot selection and execution second nature. Emphasis on physical, mental and emotional training helps juniors improve performance under stress. Rigorous training on and off court combined with regular pattern/set play develop critical match skills. Through intensive training and competition, juniors learn time management, goal setting, delayed gratification and discipline, life skills that will help them conquer obstacles on and off the court. TAS Academy consists of 2 programs: Performance Academy and High Performance Academy. Performance Academy offers training for juniors 12 to 18 years. High Performance Academy provides more intense training for juniors 7 to 18 who commit to a schedule of tournament play and continuous improvement. We offer both after school and home school options.


TAS High Performance Academy

Ages 7-18 | Tournament Player Intermediate-Elite | WeekdayS

Designed for junior players with a state, sectional or national ranking who strive for intercollegiate scholarships with the training to prepare for a professional tennis career. Intensive year round tennis training includes in-depth physical, mental and emotional training with a strong emphasis on strength and quickness. TAS offers rigorous training 4 days per week for 12 & Under, After School and Home School students. Training includes short and long term goal setting, 8 to 16 hours of on court drills weekly, mental imagery training, off court strength, agility and conditioning, day/overnight tournament coaching, supervised match play and daily accountability. Juniors, match ready to state ranked, in the 12 & Under division attend two or three drills per week. Juniors, state ranked to nationally ranked, in the After School division attend four 2.5 hour drills per week including strength and conditioning. Juniors, sectionally to nationally ranked, in the Home School division select five to seven 2 hour drills per week plus an additional 3 hours of strength and conditioning. Enrollment in TAS High Performance Academy is by invitation of the Director based on previous training, current ranking and/or tournament results. Call the Sandy Springs Racquet Center at 404-303-6182 to request an evaluation.

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TAS Performance Academy

Ages 12-18 | Tournament Player/Intermediate-Advanced | Weekdays After School

Designed for entry level tournament players who commit to train 2-3 days per week. Training includes short term goal setting, on court conditioning, purposeful match play and tournament coaching. Drills are offered 4 days per week, 2 hours in length. Juniors must have a minimum USTA state ranking to qualify. Enrollment in TAS Performance Academy is by invitation of the Director based on previous training, current ranking and tournament results. Evaluations are requested and scheduled through the Director.

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